How to Determine the Installation Location of Paper Towel Frame

2019-09-05 16:11:24

The paper towel rack is the same as other bathroom hangings. It needs to consider the location and height of the equipment. Although the toilet toilet paper towel rack sparrow is small and has all five organs, although it is a small object, its function can not be underestimated. The paper towel rack can meet the needs of closed, semi-closed, full-exposed; the paper towel rack also has different materials: stainless steel, copper, space aluminum, zinc alloy; the paper towel rack can be planned into different styles according to different occasions. So no matter what your requirements are, the paper towel rack without cover can meet your needs.

First, the bathroom, bathroom is generally relatively small, wet, generally choose semi-closed and fully closed paper towel rack. Especially when we are in the shower, the water droplets are splashing and the paper towels are simply wet. The position of the equipment is generally close to the toilet and squat toilet, so it can be accessed conveniently. Second is the restaurant: the dining room space is relatively large, neat and clean, relatively boring, generally choose semi-closed and full exposure, different materials of paper towel racks are suitable, the planning style can be confirmed according to the decoration of the restaurant. Paper towels are usually used in restaurants, especially for children. It is suggested that the equipment should be accessible when it is not far from the table.