What are the styles of paper towel racks?

2019-09-05 16:09:14

The paper towel rack is one of the necessary small furniture for both homework and household furniture. This kind of small furniture is almost made of plastic or metal shell, built-in or placed with rolls of paper or origami. Easy to use and occupy small space, it is necessary for every household furniture and work furniture, including hotel rooms, public places, private and public places such as *** and private.

And the style of paper towel rack, which style has it experienced in the process of development? Most owners know that the earliest style of paper towel rack is barreled cartons, followed by large rolls and origami racks. Later, the style of paper towel rack gradually changed into super luxury commodity quality, leading European charm, noble and elegant, fashionable and wonderful decoration art. The development process of these styles promoted the continuous evolution of paper towel rack, becoming more and more useful and more beautiful.

In many work furniture, the unique and beautiful paper towel rack is especially liked by most white-collar workers. To some extent, it can express mood and cultivate sentiment, create a harmonious work environment, relieve work pressure more easily. If you don't speak elegantly, even if you go to the toilet, you may be more comfortable and relaxed. Those so-called constipation may be far away from you.

But for a long time, many owners have neglected a local area about paper towel racks, that is, health and disease. When choosing the paper towel rack, we must pay attention to choosing a better one, and try to avoid dust falling into the drawing port and the paper towel. True hygiene is the transmission of disease prevention. What are the advantages of paper towels on paper towel racks in detail? I will give you the following answer: 1. In terms of hygiene, paper towels can greatly reduce the repeated use of handkerchiefs to constitute a modern society many bacterial infections on the human body. 2. Wide use. Paper towels are more widely used than handkerchiefs. They can be used as toilet paper in addition to wiping the face. 3. The purchase and use of paper towels on paper towel shelves are very convenient, more in line with the living habits of modern people. 4. It can also be used as a media (advertising carrier) to transmit business information.