How to distinguish the quality of uncovered paper towel holder

2019-09-05 16:04:11

Non-covered paper towel rack plays an extremely important role in home decoration. Choosing a good paper towel rack will play a multiplier role in the whole home decoration. Such improper selection will be the failure of the whole taste and style of home decoration. If it is a poor quality paper towel rack, such as rust, blistering, falling, loosening and so on, these will certainly affect the owners'future days and moods. Therefore, it is necessary to select suitable, affordable, quality and assurance paper towel holders. The differences are as follows:

1. Differential coating quality of paper towel rack: The structure and surface coating of sanitary ware hanging articles are mostly polished copper and chromium plating, except for a few plastic plating. In chromium plating products, the general product coating is 20 micron thick, long time, the material inside is easy to be oxidized by air, while the copper chromium plating coating with exquisite workmanship is 28 micron thick, its structure is tight, the coating is uniform, and its application is good.

Genuine products: Strictly in accordance with the national plating process standards, imported raw copper is selected, and after copper plating, nickel plating, chromium plating three process coatings, glossy, solid vision, long-term use without wear, corrosion, foaming or falling, lasting new. Tight structure, uniform coating, "color surface" straightforward, coating thickness is generally more than 30 microns, coating surface without scratches and burrs.

Bad products: The electroplating layer is thin and uneven, the structure is slack, the bonding force is poor, and the gloss is dim, because the surface of the blank is easy to rust, wear, foam and fall after a period of time. Lack of 20 micron thickness, the inner material is easily oxidized by air, and the coating surface is mostly scratched and burred.

Second, the quality of different paper towel rack accessories and matching: to match the three-piece bathroom sets (bathtub, toilet, table basin) of their own equipment with the stereo style, but also with the shape of the faucet and its surface coating treatment.

Genuine: Fasteners are made of stainless steel screw or copper screw. Glass products are made of imported glass rings, plates, uniform thickness, high transparency and clear vision.

Bad products: Fasteners are made of iron screw, simple rust, glass products are made of low-grade domestic products, uneven thickness, low transparency and turbidity.

3. Raw materials of different paper towel racks: bathroom fittings include copper-plated plastic products, copper-polished copper products, and more chromium-plated products, among which titanium alloy products are the most high-grade, followed by copper-chromium products, stainless steel chromium-plated products, aluminium alloy chromium-plated products, iron-plated chromium products and even plastic products. Be careful when choosing and purchasing.

Genuine: Usually, pure copper material is chosen, which has a tight structure, heavy weight and solid handle. The original material is pure copper.

Shortcomings: Generally speaking, inferior zinc alloys are used as recycled materials, and jerry-built materials to reduce costs, slack structure, light weight, light touch.

4. Die-casting and processing technology of different paper towel racks: The main materials for producing sanitary ware hangings are pure copper hangings, stainless steel hangings, aluminium alloy hangings and zinc alloy hangings.

Genuine products: Large-scale fine computer controlled die-casting machine tools and digital fine machine tools are selected. The surface of the blank is smooth, flat, non-porous, silk defects and other phenomena. The grinding and polishing processes are prudent and complicated.

Bad products: small die-casting machine and rough machine tools, lack of pressure, the appearance of the product has blowhole, filament, crack defects and appearance inequality, rough polishing process, rough process.