Different styles of paper towel holders have different installation methods.

2019-09-05 16:01:43

The paper towel shelf is the place where the paper towel shelf is placed. We know that we can't live without the paper towel in our life. There are too many local needs for it. So we should make a nest for the paper towel to put it in order to protect them and protect them from being wet and dirty. If the paper towel is not properly protected, the results will be unimaginable, and will not be described one by one here.

Today, we mainly talk about the preparation of toilet paper towel rack equipment, because the preparation and planning before the equipment will lay the foreshadows for the smooth follow-up and completion of the entire equipment process. The paper towel rack will generally be fully exposed, semi-exposed and fully enclosed. So before the equipment, we must design the height and the specific orientation of the equipment. Otherwise, if the equipment is wrong, the holes in the wall can not be filled. Millions of houses and toilets are worth hundreds of thousands at least. Because of our carelessness, they are destroyed, which is not worth the money. Therefore, before the equipment towel holder, its equipment orientation must be determined. Different types of paper towel holder have different equipment orientation.

For example, a fully exposed paper towel rack, only a horizontal bar, there is no protection on the outside of the paper towel, it should be noted that if the equipment is 0.5-1.0 meters away from the floor around the toilet or squat toilet, Xiaobian does not think it is appropriate. Although it's much easier to pick up paper towels, they are likely to get wet or dirty in the time of hygiene. We think that the whole dew paper towel rack should be equipped in the toilet or squat toilet around 1.0 meters or more to reach the local more convenient and safe. The above is about the height of the ground. Another key issue is not to use the equipment too close to the washbasin, which may also increase the wetness of the paper towels.

The semi-exposed paper towel rack, relative to the full-exposed paper towel rack, has an additional protective cover, which has a certain protective effect on the paper towel, but not very obvious, so we should also pay attention to the safety of equipment and equipment orientation in the equipment, Xiaobian thought that the equipment should not be too close to the washbasin, 0.5-1.0 meters from the ground is appropriate. The full dew paper towel holder has a great advantage over the two introduced above, and the protection effect of the paper towel is strong. So the position should be arbitrary relative to the front two.

In addition to the position and height of the towel rack, we also need to prepare the drill and screw for the equipment. We'd better find another helper, because we are not professional, so we should be more cautious.