How to Choose the Installation Location of Paper Towel Frame

2019-09-05 15:58:44

The paper towel rack is the least impressive one in the bathroom equipment, so it will be arranged at will, but as a home environment, any details deserve our serious attention, especially apartments should pay more attention to every experience of customers, mainly from three aspects:

1 azimuth

At the beginning, the paper towel rack should be placed in front of the toilet. That is to say, people sit on the toilet and their visual field is within the scope. The right and left front orientation and the front orientation are the best, and 600 mm is the most suitable distance from the toilet.

2 Functions

In the past, only waterproof and paper towels were used, and then the function of objects was extended. After the spread of smartphones, there was an additional function of playing mobile phones < 75% of people who look up now will play mobile phones on the toilet, and the other 20% will read books. So now it's necessary to have paper towel racks at home and hidden storage.

3 Material

Municipal roads are mainly stainless steel, PVC, wood, brass and iron. Toilets are not separated from wood carefully. Paper towel racks can often meet water to recommend PVC. Stainless steel materials have the strongest adaptability.